Company Profile

Eltron Plastik, thermoformed plastic food container manufacturer, was established in 1999. Aside from the fact that our first goal was to produce tailor-made confectionary separator items, we have succeeded to be one of the leading packaging manufacturers that supplies separators for the greatest confectionary companies in Turkey. After investing in brand new and high-end PET and PP Extruders and Thermoforming technology, we have launched the production of disposable, takeaway food packaging materials. In addition to specially designed items, the main production line includes PET Food and Takeaway containers with Hinged Lids, PET Salad Bowls, Plastic Egg Trays, PET Sauce Containers, PP Microwavable Meal Containers, Meat Trays and Confectionary Containers and Trays.

Reaching up to 15000 Tons of annual capacity, Eltron Plastik obtains various moulds for numerous applications and continuously increases the product portfolio with new projects providing new moulds designed by innovation. While dominating the domestic market, we export to more than 30 countries across 3 continents. What makes Eltron Plastik unique in the market is that serving high quality, reliable materials with on time delivery, trustworthy after sales support and responsive feedback mechanism. In the inspection of high precision, our quality control department elects exclusive raw materials for ultimate excellence in our products also fortified by BRC IOP, ISO 22000 certificates and all requirements of migration tests for food contact materials.